Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hashtag: Why Isn't Thoeba in Movies?

Cover art from Terra Weston Koster
I went to see the Hobbit in the theater. I wish I could tell you I loved it. SPOILER ALERT: The truth is, Peter Jackson and Hollywood took a classic children's book, added a romance, embellished an epic battle, dragged the ending out to unnecessary proportions and called it a day. It felt like the movie should have ended after Smaug's death, but they gave us over an hour of (admittedly pretty good) battle scenes. The ending was...unending. But that's not my only reason for ranting.

As always there were previews. Guess what? Not only is there another Star Wars movie coming, but there is also another Terminator AND another Mad Max coming out! Really Hollywood? You've got nothing else?

When I went to Texas for the convention, a writer stood in front of the assembled group and declared, "There are no original ideas." I almost walked out, especially when I heard her latest book idea. If that weren't bad enough, she's got an agent and a contract for a big name publisher.

Sour grapes, you ask? You bet! I work hard to try and come up with original ideas. Nothing bores me more than to read a new book and know exactly how it ends, to know I've seen it somewhere else before.

I can't help but ask: WHY ISN'T THOEBA A MOVIE?

No really...Have you read it? I have sex, death, romance, humor and violence. I also have a decently original plot. Thanks to the evil that is slowly encompassing the world, the Energy (God)  has lost Its power. It is up to one angel to tip the scales back to the side of good. Too bad she has to ally herself with humans, because she isn't very fond of them. I take the concept of life after death and turn it upside down.

I write angels, demons, reincarnation and pepper it with mythology, and I'm proud of what I've created. I can say the same for 'Aphrodite's War' and 'Chasing Monsters'.  What do you get when a paranormal investigator meets a demon with a soul? You'll find out when 'Chasing Monsters' gets published.

What do I have to do to get some attention in this market? Do I constantly have to ask...



  1. I have always pictured Thoeba as a movie, I think it would be a great movie.

    1. I'm planning to spread the hashtag #WhyisntThoebainmovies pass it on!

  2. Maybe this is part of the reason why:

    It seems like greasing palms is the way into Hollywood nowadays. :-(

  3. I will be first in line when this comes out!