Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Big Shift

Yes, I missed last week, but I have good excuses, and it might start happening more often.

I just got not ONE new job, but TWO. Because  have to be careful what I wish for, as I usually get it. Because I'm greedy and I want to do it all. Because I just can't say no to good job opportunities.

I actually thought about letting this blog slide...It doesn't have a big fan base--only a few people actually read it--I figure I might not have a lot of time to write it. But didn't I just write the 'Don't give up your day job blog?' Why should I give up my blog? My link that keeps Donna the Author connected to everything else?

I'm still going to write. I'm ALWAYS going to write! I'll keep on writing novels, novellas and short stories here and there, and I'll continue to publish.

As having a day job keeps one connected with the world and industry, this blog will be my life line to the world of writing. I got lucky to find two fantastic jobs after being out of touch for so long, and I'm not going to let that happen with writing. I'll still be here, as often as time and energy allows, and I'll still keep you informed of what's happening with my world of angels, demons and gods.

You're all still stuck with me!

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