Saturday, April 11, 2015

Work Has Become Sesame Street

How's the new jobs you ask? Really good actually. I'm enjoying the work and the routine of a prep cook. I like my co-workers. I go to work everyday just a little bit excited, and it's good.

It's just that things have gone just a little bit Sesame Street.

Allow me to explain. I've discovered that talking to humans on Facebook or writing my thoughts on screen is ENTIRELY different than talking to people in real life. You only get one shot at speaking your mind to people. The first draft that pours from your lips is the one that gets used. There is no delete button or backspace. I open my mouth, and all that comes out is AROO-BA WAH NEH, ACK RRAHHHHH!
People are starting to give me a wide berth.

That's not even the worst part! There's no tunes back there, you see. No radio, Ghetto blaster or dock. No music. Just quiet. And I do a lot of portioning. Which means a lot of counting. I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong. I WISH I had songs and scenes of The Count dancing in my head while I work, but NO. I'm not that lucky. I get those wacky counting cartoons they do up. I can just imagine the producers way back in the seventies waving their hands at the musicians in charge and saying, "Whatever! Just make it memorable and weird!"
I'm currently stuck with this:   Count to Ten  HAHAHAHAHA! You're welcome.

Don't get me wrong, I'm having a good time. It's just days like that I wish my fertile brain could come up with something else. Like maybe fresh new ideas about new novels, or the ones I'm currently working on. But nooooo...MY brain has to revert to my childhood. Why is that? It's okay, I guess. It could be worse. I babble like a two-headed purple monster talking to itself, and count like a muppet vampire, but at least I'm not a---

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