Thursday, December 2, 2010

This cold is too common

I hab my first code. I don't like it bery much. My nobe is running, my head feels full, and I ab sneebing my head off. Bery ubpleasant.

When I get back to Eden I'b going to ask the Energy why It invented germbs. What ib the purpose ob millions ob tiny bacteria that create snot? What purpose does snot serve? How can one body create so much of it?

It might be different ib it was useful. But all it does ib fill copious abmounts of Kleenexes. What the point ob that?

Nob to mention the violent snot anb saliva projections. I hab difficulty uberstanding why the Energy would like us to share these germbs.

I hab a theory. Perhabs this is a different Realm of Life that I prebiously didn't know about. Maybe this is a different universe where all the inhabitants are germs trying to reproduce and expand territory in a humban host? Can dou imagine? How horrible do you have to be to reincarnate into a germb?

*photo by Arvind Balaraman


  1. Aww. Sorry about your cold Thoeba. Tis the season. Chicken noodle soup, neo citron and a good book will cure what ails you :-). Xo

  2. Sounbs good.
    Poultry water with pasta, lebbon mednicine water and Jagger pages. Then sob rest. Sigh.