Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fishing for answers

So, let me get this straight...

You sit in a rickety vessel designed to perch on water's surface. With a stick. And a nasty metal hook attached to flimsy string.
Then you impale a defenseless invertabrate on the pointy end, and dump it in a lake or river.

 Then what?

You wait. For hours. And this relaxes you? I can't see how. Hunting and foraging for food isn't leisurely. Not for your ancestors it wasn't. That is why they invented NETS.

I mean you understand catching dinner one morsel at a time is inefficient for survival, right? I could swear the entire exercise appears to be nothing more than an excuse to sit on ones posterier and drink beer all day and....Oh. I see. Nevermind.

Photo by: Carlos Porto/


  1. I sense that I did. I've noticed that humans-Canadians in particular will find nearly any excuse to drink beer.

  2. Before I met my husband, fishing was not on my radar. But now I love it! Seriously, it IS relaxing...

  3. How does one relax while floating ON a permiable surface? Must be why you need the beer.