Thursday, June 2, 2011

Turtle Camping

Turtle people are fascinating.

You know who I mean. The ones who creep the highways of our country with all the modern conveniences of home away from home attached to their vehicles. I believe you call them RV campers.

I don't really get it. I thought the concept of camping was to get away from all your modern day conveniences and experience living like a cavedweller. Why cook food on a stick when you brought your stove? Why drive hundreds of kilometers to mosquito infested forests when you have a screen door? You cannot live like a Neanderthal when you brought your plumbing and toilet paper. You're only experiencing part of the misery. Why not stay home and save yourself the effort?

Photo by: frederico stevanin/


  1. I think Karen would agree with you Thoeba, but as avid campers, my husband and I are pretty excited about the start of the season. you should come with us...xo

  2. Perhaps, but you weirdos are into fishing....Well okay. But only if I can post about it next week ;)

  3. Oh speak to my heart. I love living in the country. I don't need to escape to the country. What I wouldn't kill for a trip to the city once in awhile though...!

  4. Ah yes....
    But I'll bet you have plumbing and a screen door, dontcha?

    My writer heard you speak of coyotes yipping outside your yard. That kind of thing gives us insomnia. I have decdided I rather like cities....